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“How well you play the piano depends very much on the piano you play.” – John Steinway

Last year, 97% of the pianists who stepped on stage with major symphonies worldwide chose to play on a piano from Steinway. A high quality upright or grand may be required to develop more advanced skills. The most important considerations when searching for a piano are…

  • The quality of its design, materials and workmanship
  • Dynamic range
  • Sustain length
  • Variations in tone color
  • Tuning stability
  • Even balance and touch
  • Durability
  • Investment potential

“The Steinway grand piano is still the very best! It's superior action and sound quality enable higher development of both technical and artistic skills. I have played 6 solo piano recitals in the last 3 years on a Steinway grand piano, and it is like playing in a dream!"

- Peter Cartwright, MA Piano Performance

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