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Steinway Grand Piano #308979

Serial #: 308979 Finish: Mahogany Condition: Excellent
Model: S Circa/Style: 1941 / Walter Teague Delivery & Financing Available


Walter Dorwin Teague, born in 1883, was one of the most successful and daring industrial designers of his day following the Great Depression. Teague designed Kodak cameras, Texaco’s art deco gas stations in the 1940s, the interior of the Boeing Stratocruiser and the 707 aircraft. Some of today’s most commonly used luxuries resulted from Teague’s work. Walter Dorwin Teague died in 1960, but his company, Teague Associates, lives on to be one of the most successful industrial design companies in the world.

In addition to making a significant industrial difference, Walter Dorwin Teague also contributed to the world of music through his modern designs of Steinway & Sons pianos. His modern flare was seen through his variations of an art deco theme for Steinway. A re-creation of his “Peace Piano” tours around the world to promote relief for Unicef. This 5'1" Model S Steinway is one of Teague's designs. Manufactured in 1941, this piano is the smallest of the Steinway grands but still grand enough to invite the majesty of the Steinway sound into almost any space.

“The Steinway is the standard by which all other people's pianos are judged.”


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