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Caro Community Schools' Keys to Success

October 31st was a big day for the music department at Caro Community Schools. A used Steinway model B was delivered to compliment their brand new auditorium. Here's how it all went down ...

Music Director Tammie Kosters, aware of the growing need for a new performance instrument, contacted Steinway Piano Gallery Detroit to find a solution. Alicia Scott, Sales Representative for Steinway Piano Gallery, drove to Caro to meet with Kosters, see the space, learn about their budget and discuss some options. One option was a used Steinway B, available at the University of Michigan piano sale for only $35,000. The retail value of a brand new Steinway B is over $100,000.

“I was looking around and asking different music stores,” said Kosters. “A fellow teacher told me about the University of Michigan and Steinway partnering and having a sale. The sale was over but I called anyway and they sent someone from Detroit to Caro to see if the piano would be an appropriate piano for the auditorium and they thought it would work perfectly here. Several other people were looking at it as well and I didn’t want to lose it.”

Caro Schools paid for half of the piano while using the Steinway Keys to Success fundraising program to raise the remaining balance. The program paid for the balance by allowing the public to sponsor one or more piano keys for $75 each.

Tammie Kosters plays the piano for the first time at Caro
Taking it all in ... 

“The price is definitely well worth it. They stand behind their pianos and they don’t lose their value and are kept up. I think their name is what makes them so good. They are made in New York and the craftsmanship that goes into them and their reputation is phenomenal. Their pianos last and last, so my lifetime will be way over and that’s still going to be a wonderful piece of equipment.” - Tammie Kosters, Music Director Caro Schools

The piano will be a perfect fit for their new auditorium. Kosters notes that the school needed something better for performance settings, since the upright that was once used kept the performer hidden.

Kosters comments that she is excited for the new level of professionalism coming to their school.

“Our motto is cultivating excellence here at Caro,” Kosters said. “I think this will improve the music program because now, we’re not embarrassed to bring a guest artist, pianist and choirs now. We can offer them the best for concerts and clinics. I think it will improve our ability to have more artistic events in the community. We’re going to be looking good and professional. We have a lot to offer for groups coming in.”

If you would like to know more about how you can increase the musical professionalism at your K-12 school or university, call Steinway Piano Gallery at 248-560-9200.

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