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Ann Arbor Schools' Steinway Story

The Ann Arbor Public Schools recently purchased a Steinway concert grand, eight Steinway 6’2” grands, and 17 Steinway and Boston vertical pianos. The district includes Pioneer High School, which houses a Grammy-award-winning music department and a large auditorium worthy of a Steinway concert grand. It also includes three other high schools and five middle schools, all of which received brand new Steinway and Steinway-designed Boston pianos.

Wilbur Miller, of Steinway Piano Gallery, notes that it was the district’s reputation for quality and achievement that made this large Steinway sale come together.

“They hadn’t purchased pianos for the upper and middle schools for some time, and as far as their performance and rehearsal instruments, most of them were quite old. The Ann Arbor School District decided to purchase Steinway products because of their quality and longevity, as well as appreciation value and a reputation for having the most sought-after piano tone on earth. This school district wins Grammy awards and seeks the highest quality—it was a winning combination, Steinway and Ann Arbor Schools." - Wilbur Miller, Director of Institutional Sales

The Model D concert grand was delivered to Pioneer High School in December. All the pianos are currently being used for practice and performance at the various schools in the district.

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