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St. Barbara's Catholic Church

Dearborn, MI

When St. Barbara’s Catholic Church of Dearborn, Michigan had a problem with their 50+ year old Rodgers, they gave Steinway Piano Gallery the call. Tim Hoy, owner of Steinway Piano Gallery, visited the church and told them that, while they had gotten incredible use out of the current organ, it was time for a new one. Tim recommended a Rodgers 361 Drawknob Infinity organ with 61 authentic pipe voices and 315 additional sounds available from the voice palette.  To fill the room with sound, they installed a 16 channel audio system with 2 premium quality crown amplifiers. The dedicatory concert was played by Steinway Artist Pierre Fracalanza. Father Grankowski, Judy and Heather could not have been more gracious during the installation. They always had coffee, cookies and wonderful desserts. In regards to the installation, Father Grankowski remarked,

“Finally after 63 years, St. Barbara has the organ it deserves.” – Father Grankowski

If your church is in need of a new piano or organ to amplify your worship setting, please call Tim Hoy at 248-560-9200 for a complete consultation.

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