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What a year it has been for Lutheran Church of the Master, located in Troy, Michigan. They recently upgraded their 22-year-old Rodgers 950 organ to a state-of-the-art Rodgers Infinity II 361 organ. The process began when they contacted Tim Hoy, President of Steinway Piano Gallery of Detroit, located in Commerce Township, Michigan. After an in-person consultation at the church, they decided on the Rodgers 361 organ to address the acoustic deficiencies in the space. This organ would deliver the expressive and dynamic sound of the traditional pipe organ with realism unmatched by any other digital organ available.

To see a video of the installation,

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The organ was funded by a generous donor, Michael Maziasz, in honor of his wife, Karen. The organ was delivered by Steinway’s official movers, JP’s Piano Moving, and was installed by Tim Hoy and Christopher Claypoole from Steinway. The entire installation process took a total of five weeks. During the installation process, Steinway built custom speaker enclosures for the new organ, while ensuring that the old organ could still be used during the process. Steinway also installed a new speaker system (including two sub-woofers) in the choir area. These speakers were painted to match the choir area.

The Rodgers 361 features 3 keyboard manuals with lighted or optional mechanical drawknobs. Rodgers’ unique high-resolution sampling process employs up to 8 microphones to record the authentic sound from legendary pipe organs across the country as well as around the world. The Infinity 361 also features built-in Bluetooth® technology for AirTurn™ hands-free page turning controlled by thumb or toe pistons for music displayed on mobile device.

If your church is in need of a new piano or organ to amplify your worship setting, please call Tim Hoy at 248-560-9200 for a complete consultation.

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