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Martin Khemmoro, Piano, Guitar, Voice

Martin Khemmoro is a private music teacher at The Arts Academy at Steinway Piano Gallery. Martin provides a range of learning options for students ages 5 and up, including private piano, voice, guitar, sound and vibration theory and more. Martin is a coach, pianist, composer, talent manager, author, writer and producer. Passionate about music and playing piano since age 7, he believes music is a language of the soul. His intention in each lesson is to assist his students in meeting and accessing their own portal of expression, release and translation of the music within and that which words cannot express.


Martin teaches a variety of musical styles, including classical, contemporary, pop, sacred, freestyle and genre creation. Piano lessons incorporate music theory, finger conditioning and technique, ear training and sight training, and every lesson begins with confidence building techniques to aid in the freedom of musical expression. Martin also provides thorough knowledge in music history, sound and vibration. Martin’s vocal coaching incorporates various breathing and tuning techniques. Tuition for lessons is $30 per half hour, billed monthly, or $60 per hour. Books and material fees are determined by the instructor. Martin offers lessons on Saturdays in the morning and early afternoon.


  • Over 20 years of piano playing / 7500 hours play time / 10 years teaching
  • 7 years as a student at Orchard Lake School of Music, 12+ certifications / awards
  • 7 years of training by top private international teachers
  • 4 years of study at Sound of Light Foundation (SOL) Costa Rica. Star Certification
  • Michigan Registered Artist / Talent Manager.
  • Founder of Astral Medias, a personal and spiritual development media company


  • Contact Hannah Frantz, Education Director, at 248-560-0366 to register for lessons with Martin Khemmoro.

Note: There is a $25.00 enrollment fee, payable to Steinway Piano Gallery, due at registration. Siblings are $15.00.

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