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Serial #: 240427 Finish: Walnut Condition: Like New
Size: 6'1" Circa/Style: 1926 Fisher Piano Delivery & Financing Available


The automotive industry was thriving. Detroit was one of the great cultural iconic cities of the U.S. In 1908, the Fisher Family began construction of auto parts and coaches. The company later merged with General Motors to become the world’s largest producers of automobiles. The Fisher name is well known to the public as General Motors displayed a “Body by Fisher” emblem on their door sill plates for decades. The 1920’s in Detroit was an age of elegant homes that were resplendent with the finest examples of hand-craftsmanship.

This magnificent instrument hearkens back to that era. Commissioned by the Fisher family in 1926, it was adorned with stunning hand carved legs, music desk, lyre, stretcher and mouldings. A cornucopia filled with flora, classic shell motifs, cherubs and lyres are hand carved on the panels of the pianos. The detailed music desk and rack has intricately carved sheet music inlays. The piano has been preserved in its original finish to reflect not only the care and attention with which the piano has been treated, but to also preserve the integrity of the investment value of this instrument. The interior musical instrument has been restored to its former musical majesty. A bespoke piano that is suitable for those who collect only the finest of everything. An endearing treasure for the next century.

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