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Kohler & Campbell Grand #ISKG0447

Serial #: ISKG0447 Finish: Polished Mahogany
Condition: Like New Delivery & Financing Available


The Kohler & Campbell brand has a long legacy of building quality pianos dating back to 1894. Modern Kohler & Campbell pianos are manufactured by Samick Musical Instruments, one of the world's largest musical instrument manufacturers. This piano was manufactured in Korea, during a time in which both of the major Korean manufacturers (Samick and Young Chang) produced many instruments at a high quality level. These instruments have proven to be extremely resilient over time, and we are always very happy to have them in our showroom.

We invite you to bring the piano experience into your home. Let its music soothe your spirit and uplift your soul. Let it transport you to a new world, where all is well. This piano is polished with a rich, mahogany color that will make a bold statement in your living room. But don't take our word for it ... stop by today, test out the keys and see for yourself!

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